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Dec 12, 2021   Web Page
המכונה לומדת - אבל האם היא שומרת על הפרטיות?

Nov 25, 2021   Web Page
IBM unveils world-first machine learning training method for GDPR-compliance

Jan 26, 2021   Blog Post
AI goes anonymous during training to boost privacy protection
IBM Research Blog

Jan 26, 2021   Web Page
IBM develops software to reduce personal data in AI training

Oct 2, 2020   Blog Post
Adversarial Robustness Toolbox: One Year Later with v1.4
IBM Research Blog

Jun 26, 2020   Blog Post
IBM Differential Privacy Library: The single line of code that can protect your data
IBM Research Blog

Jun 4, 2020   Blog Post
IBM Releases Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit for MacOS and iOS; Linux and Android Coming Soon